Our Team

We are a diverse team of people from all over the world. You might know us for our Open Source EDA projects. At YosysHQ we come together to improve the Open Source EDA ecosystem, and provide commercial products and services to professional users of our projects.

If you’re interested in joining a friendly, independent and remote team, please take a look at our Jobs page.

N. Engelhardt (they/them), CEO

N. is responsible for managing the business side of things while also being involved heavily in the technical side of the business. (With a background in FPGA-based graph processing they are used to dealing with interconnected systems that that have a lot of things going on simultaneously.)

In their spare time they manage the twitter account of their two cats, and galvanize their co-workers by seamlessly switching between 4 languages.


Claire Xenia Wolf (she/her), CTO

Claire is the original author of Yosys and many of the other tools in the YosysHQ software eco system. She's the technical lead in YosysHQ and manages our team of engineers and our software development projects.

In her spare time she plays Go/Baduk online and comically bad Golf offline.


Matt Venn (he/him), CSO

Matt takes care of sales, marketing, training & support. He likes building electronics and making music in his spare time.


Myrtle Shah (they/them)

Myrtle is the maintainer of nextpnr and developer of Project Trellis. They enjoy walking and the outdoors in their spare time.


Miodrag Milanović (he/him)

Miodrag (Mićko) creates the builds for our customers and develops the GUI parts of our applications. He likes retro computers and emulation and spends his free time soldering.


Diego H. (he/him)

Diego works on improvements for the formal tools but his interest in investigating and solving complex problems makes him participate in various areas of the company. He was an outstanding engineer working in the semiconductor industry as one of two members of the team of designers in Latin America who defined and revised the architecture of different SoCs.


Aki Van Ness (she/her)

Aki is a low-level developer with a primary focus on C++ but she is interested in the whole stack, from software to silicon and does hardware design and electrical engineering in her free time. She likes to read way too much manga in her free time, and occasionally streams her projects on twitch.

She also managed to get one of the largest EDA companies in the world to post an image of their equipment with cat ears.


Marcelina Kościelnicka (she/her)

Marcelina, better known as mwk online, works on improving the Yosys HDL synthesis pipeline, technology mapping, and our FPGA place and route flows. She's also a CTF player at Dragon Sector and has an interest in reverse engineering and documenting closed hardware architectures, such as GPUs and FPGAs.


whitequark (she/her)

Whitequark is well known for her wide range of incredible projects, including custom HDLs and other compiler projects, test and measurement equipment, control systems for quantum computers, mechanical CAD systems, high speed digital simulators, and more. She is also twitter famous for her deep dives on a vast range of technical issues.