Products and Services

See Tabby CAD Datasheet for details on Tabby CAD Suite; see OSS CAD Suite GitHub for details on OSS CAD Suite.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Tabby CAD Suite

All our EDA tools bundled in one package together with proprietary 3rd party components that allow seamless integration of our tools in typical industrial digital design environments.

Flexible license model that unlocks more features and encourages greater usage within teams.

  • Offers cost effective solutions.

  • We bundle all our tools as a suite for one stop convenience. New tools we create are automatically included in the suite for all users.

  • Expanding into FPGA design capabilities.

See the Tabby CAD Datasheet for all the details.

User Support and Trainings

Personalised support with remote and on-site training.

Custom Developments

Developer Support and Trainings

We are happy to work with your developers, delivering custom courses that will help your team best leverage our tools to your purposes, and answering questions as they come up during your work.

Development of Custom Features

Need to add a new flow and would prefer we do it for you? Add support for your FPGA architecture? Need a special custom pass in one of our tools? Or some other kind of improvement that would benefit your use case? We are used to building custom flows or features for our customers. Get in touch and tell us what you need.

Collaborative Research and Development Projects

We are also available for larger research and development projects, such as experimental EDA flows, algorithm research, FPGA bitstream documentation projects, or other large additions to the Open Source EDA ecosystem. We welcome collaborations in these areas with partners from academia and industry, and are always looking for opportunities to fund larger improvements in our EDA tools through those partnerships.

Custom Formal Verification IPs

We are also happy to develop custom VIP to your requirements.

Special Offers for Academia and the Open Source EDA Community

We offer products and services at a reduced cost or free to our academic partners and our friends in the Open Source EDA community. Please do not hesitate to contact us.