Tabby CAD Datasheet

See Tabby CAD Datasheet (this page) for details on Tabby CAD Suite; see OSS CAD Suite GitHub for details on OSS CAD Suite.

Tabby CAD Suite Datasheet

Highlighted Features

Tabby CAD Suite includes all our software, as we create more tools they are automatically added and made available to our users at no extra cost

Industrial HDL Support

  • Verilog 1995/2000/2005

  • SystemVerilog 2005/2009/2012

  • VHDL 1987/1993/2000/2008

  • SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA)

Formal Assertion Based Verification (ABV)

  • Powered by Yosys and SBY Formal Property Checker

  • Formal Verification of safety and liveness properties

  • Formal Reachability analysis and witness generation

  • Support for multiple formal engines via one unified front-end

Formal Mutation Coverage

  • Powered by Yosys and MCY Formal Mutation Coverage Tool

  • Mutation Testing for testbench qualification

  • Use of formal model to exclude false coverage gaps

Synthesis and Place-and-Route

  • Powered by Yosys and nextpnr Place-and-Route tool

  • HDL Synthesis for various FPGA architectures and ASIC libraries

  • FPGA Place-and-Route for various FPGA architectures

Open Architecture

  • Extensible, Inspectable and fully configurable flow

  • C++ APIs that allow the addition of new Yosys passes in the form of runtime loadable modules

List of Software Included

YosysHQ Software

  • Yosys (YosysHQ Commercial Build)

    • with added support for SystemVerilog, SVA, and VHDL

  • SBY Formal Property Checker

  • MCY Formal Mutation Coverage Tool

  • NextPnR FPGA Multi-Architecture Place-and-Route

3rd Party Open Source Software

  • Formal Solvers

    • ABC, AVY, Boolector, BTORMC, Pono, Super Prover, Yices2, Z3

  • GtkWave

  • Python 2

  • Python 3

Platforms supported

  • Linux (x86-64, RISC-V, and ARM)

    • Arch Linux

    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    • Fedora 33

    • Fedora 34

    • other distributions can be added on customer request

  • macOS (x86-64)

    • 10.14 Mojave

    • 10.15 Catalina

    • 11 Big Sur

  • Microsoft Windows (x86-64)

Custom Feature Development

We regularly develop custom plugins and flows for our software. If you need something you don’t see, please contact us to discuss project work.


YosysHQ is the new home for the team maintaining Yosys and the related Open Source EDA projects, and the commercial products and services we offer.